This year, when you purchase your tickets for Soundsplash, you'll have the option to book your arrival time in 1-hour slots. This means you can plan your entry in advance, giving you more certainty around how long it will take to get into the festival.

If you are catching the Auckland Return Road to Raglan bus or parking offsite (and camping), or getting dropped off at the offsite park - you will need to select your bus/shuttle departure  and return times when you order your festival and camping tickets.

Entry will be staggered, and you'll only be able to enter once your designated time slot opens up.

Prior to your bus departure time, you can check in one hour in advance. For instance, if your bus is scheduled to depart at 7:00 am, you may check in anytime between 6:00 am and 7:00 am. In Auckland, the check-in process involves collecting your wristband and undergoing a bag search. In Raglan, it entails joining the queue to ensure timely boarding and departure.

Please note that if you fail to check in during your designated check-in time, the Soundsplash team will assist you in boarding the next available bus. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated the subsequent bus slots.

Make sure you know what time you’ll be arriving at the festival ahead of buying your ticket for a smooth ticket purchasing experience.

Important: During the ticket purchasing process, you will have the opportunity to select your desired bus times. It is essential to book both your departing and returning bus tickets at this time to ensure a smooth journey.